Dragon City is one of the best and most viral social network game that is available for both desktop and mobile users. This game was officially developed by Social Point and the game was launched back in May 2012 on Facebook and later on available for download on iOS in 2013.

Later in August 2014, Social Point, who is the original developer of the game made it available to be downloaded on Intel Atom tablets for Android. The game gained so much popularity in less time that there was a huge demand for it in the market.

It mainly targets the mid-core player.

What To Do In The Game?

The game has 8 basic elements which you’ll be using throughout. These are named as:

  • Sea
  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Dark
  • Flame
  • Terra

Inside the game you play with dragons. As a player, you also have to feed your dragons with food and train them using gold and gems. However, finding these items is a very tedious task and can take several hours to do so.

But, our Dragon City hack cheat will help you out in doing so. When you have a rare dragon like Cool Fire or Soccer Dragon, you can breed a new dragon which is called Legendary and then later in the game as Pure dragons.

Now the eight elements described above have their own individual habitats. Moreover, each one of these habitats further has its own pros and cons. For example, the Terra habitat usually has a very low gold cap, normally around 500 and at the same time the terra dragon has one of the highest gold/min earned.

Similarly, the sea habitat has the highest gold cap of 7500 but its dragon has a very low gold/min potential.

So, in simple, you have to play very strategically in order to be successful in the game and to dominate your enemy dragons before they attack yours.

Here is a chart that will give you a better explanation of each habitat and their dragons potential.

how to hack dragon city game

With that in mind, it is quiet clear that Flame, Sea, Ice, Nature, Dark and the Legendary have high gold caps. You have to choose one.

Main Items Of The Game

Other than dragons and environment, the main thing that counts is Food, Gold and Gems. Without these three items, you have absolutely no chance to stand against your enemies.


This is the most difficult item to collect. You have to earn it by putting the dragons in the habitat you choose.

Once you do that, your dragons will gradually start to earn some decent gold/min and you must increase it. To do so, you have to level up the babies by feeding them food which is also a hurdle to find in the game.


To collect food and then feed the dragons so that you can upgrade them, you have to build more and more farms. Like you can upgrade the dragons, farms can also be upgraded so that they are able to yield more food at a time.

One tip here for growing food quickly in the beginning is 30 second dragon bell. When you have tons of gold, it wouldn’t matter as to which food you grow.


The third and last item in Dragon City game is gem and there are two ways to grab them. The fastest way is to buy gems and speed up your game progress. You can also spend money for food and gold.

Other ways to earn gems in the game includes:

  • Monday rewards are a great way to win 4 gems but only if you are lucky enough to pick the right prize
  • Whenever you level up, you are awarded with 1 gem but that is quite time consuming task
  • Always participate in surveys in order to earn gems. These are given out on random in the game and they may also require you to give you credit card or other personal information which of course will be kept private
  • Using the daily bonus reward that can be found on the right side of the game screen allows you to win 45 gems but it depends on your luck
  • You can also build a dragon stadium and finally use your dragons to fight. Each tournament will win you 2 gems and a few gold as well
  • Also, participate in the Dragon League Tournament to win the gems.

But you see this is a huge fuss to go through and it takes a lot of time.

Also why spend the hard earned money on buying food, gems and gold when you can get unlimited of these items for absolutely free?

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I must say that dragon city may seem a simple game but it is actually very challenging and highly addictive at the same time.

You must properly breed the dragons and take great care of them right from the beginning of the game to make them stronger and once they are strong enough, you can use them to battle with the dragons of other players in the city.

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